Completely modifying your Defender is an unforgettable experience; putting those additional accessories on your Defender is hands down everyone’s favorite part.

Modifying your Defender is almost a rite of passage, with a lot of the appeal coming down to the fact the car can be modified so easily by its owner. For many individuals who own a Land Rover Defender 110, simply upgrading their exterior is the most exciting and essential part to them; however, there are a vast amount of performance upgrades that we would always consider customers learning about. 

We will examine the best modifications for the Defender 110 that can substantially enhance your driving experiences throughout this blog. So let’s take into the popular Land Rover Defender 110 mods starting with the motor:


Modifying the motor is one of the top modifications for Defender 110; it is the heart of the car. The motor can completely transform your vehicle from torque to energy efficiency, from power to speed. 

When deciding on what modification your Defender will have, you can choose between seven various engines that additionally depend on the model and body style that you select. These can include:

  • P300 Mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV)
  • Petrol Engines
  • Diesel Engines
  • P400 2 Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

The defender sport further offers the following:

  • D165 Manual 
  • D165 Automatic 
  • P200 MHEV
  • P250MHEV
  • P300e PHEV

When it comes to modifying your Defender, you have several options to work with so take time to think about the character of your Land Rover and the type of lifestyle you have. 


No matter whether you are looking for practical wheels or more of an aesthetic look, modifying your Defender from steel to alloy wheels can make a whole amount of difference to the:

  • Style 
  • Balance
  • Durability

Wheels are genuinely a make-or-break contributing factor when it comes to your Defender as they are one of the most prominent parts of any vehicle. The Defender Boost alloys and Sawtooth have always been popular within the Land Rover community, with the Zu alloy wheels following closely behind. 


If you are going to go all out with your defender’s wheels, you can’t forget about the tires. New tires will be the finishing touch, especially if you are upgrading your wheels in the process. Before you think about the tires you want, you first need to look at the kind of lifestyle you live, whether that is mostly:

  • Off-road
  • All-terrain
  • All road

Avon, Pirelli, and Continental are all popular choices of tire brands when it comes to your Land Rover Defender. 


Defenders have been specially designed to overperform when in an offroad situation; however, their suspension can improve continuously. It is well known that most defender owners will go ahead and fit their vehicle with the best suspension out there to create a much smoother ride for those off-road experiences. Whether you choose to change the coil springs or install shock absorbers, you can make your bespoke suspension that suits your character and needs. 

LED Lights

LED lights have always been a massive and inexpensive way to spruce up your Defender. If you are to add additional lighting to your vehicle’s grille, not only will your visibility improve when in off-road situations or at night, but the appearance of your car will drastically change. 

When choosing LED lights for an off-road vehicle, you need to consider that the lights need to be IP67 rated. This is to ensure the lights themselves are dustproof and can be submerged in water without becoming faulty. LED lights offer a longer lifespan as well as being more energy-efficient than traditional halogen lights. 


Changing your exhaust will ultimately change the volume in which you drive; if you are a customer who wants to make an impact with your Defender, you can choose to install a bespoke exhaust that will allow everyone to know when you are nearby. However, it is good to understand that it can impact your vehicle’s fuel efficiency while improving the engine’s performance when you adapt your exhaust. 


A side step is not everyone’s favorite additional feature; however, they have become rather trendy when it comes to the defender modification community in recent years. The vehicle itself is exceptionally tall; adding a side step can make it a lot easier for you to enter and exit your vehicle. 

Furthermore, if you are a customer who uses their roof rack, it can make the process of adding or removing luggage or bikes exceptionally easy. Depending on the type of Defender you currently have, you can opt for a modern or classic visual for your sidestep. 

Your vehicles insurance 

It can be enjoyable for customers who own defenders to start modifying parts; however, it is crucial to be aware of how these modifications can affect your vehicle’s insurance.

It is crucial to tell your insurance providers no matter the modification you have updated your land Rover Defender with. The Defender 110 is a fantastic vehicle to modify; however, you must research and carefully examine your car before jumping into a project like this. 

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